बाल विकास सेवा एवं पुष्टाहार विभाग,उत्तर प्रदेश सरकार
Bal Vikas Seva Evam Pushtahar Vibhag, Govt. Of Uttar Pradesh


Our Focus Areas

Children (age group of 3-6 years) get Pre-primary education as an important part of the Integrated Child Development Project. Physical Education in the Anganwadi centers helps to build physical, language, and more in children

Malnourished kids between 7 months – 6 years (including adolescent girls), pregnant, lactating mothers, are offered supplementary nutrition in this program. Anganwadi centers offer hot-cooked food to kids ( ages 3-6 years) under the decentralized system.

The Anganwadi with the health department gives vaccines to children and pregnant women. The health check-up of pregnant women and children is done by the ANM worker through regional ANM

The Anganwadi workers with ANM (Primary Health Center) and Health Department prevent diseases and first aid. They offer education to women at Anganwadi centers for child-rearing and more

Children and pregnant women coming to their area are consulted and referred for health services by Anganwadi workers with the help of health department officials


Anganwadi Services Scheme

Anganwadi Services Scheme (ICDS Scheme), sponsored by the Government of India, for children in the age group of 6 years from birth, To provide health and education related services to pregnant and lactating mothers and adolescent girls India has a unique primary social welfare scheme. Establishment of this scheme by the Government of India in the year was done in 1975. Anganwadi Service Scheme (ICDS) for the all-round development and welfare of children in North India. A separate department as the Child Development Services and Nutrition Department from the year 1988 for the operation of the scheme. At present, for the implementation of this scheme, 897 child development in 75 districts including Uttar Pradesh. Among the projects, 1,88,982 Anganwadis are being operated under this scheme.


Our Impact

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Photo Gallery


Heartwarming moments are captured in photographs, highlighting the joy and growth of the children under our care. From smiling faces during playtime to learning activities and community events, our gallery is a testament to the dedication and love that our staff put into providing a nurturing environment for every child.

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