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Anganwadi Services Scheme (ICDS Scheme), sponsored by the Government of India, for children in the age group of 6 years from birth, To provide health and education related services to pregnant and lactating mothers and adolescent girls India has a unique primary social welfare scheme.

Establishment of this scheme by the Government of India in the year was done in 1975. Anganwadi Service Scheme (ICDS) for the all-round development and welfare of children in North India. A separate department as the Child Development Services and Nutrition Department from the year 1988 for the operation of the scheme. What is it? At present, for the implementation of this scheme, 897 child development in 75 districts including Uttar Pradesh. Among the projects, 1,88,982 Anganwadis are being operated under this scheme.


Features of Application

User friendly

User Friendly Interface

With easy navigation and clear instructions, our application is accessible to users.

bilingual application

Bilingual Application

Bilingual Application i.e. application supports both languages English as well as Hindi.

Validation Incorporated

Validations have been incorporated to increase the quality of data.

About the Application

2 types of users will be using the application extensively with a Login/registration facility who have specific roles to play to make the programme a success.
These users are as follows:

  1. Contributor User
  2. Anganwadi Worker

The application will reflect different functionalities according to the login of a user type. This application may be used for:

  • Contributors to see the requirements of Anganwadi Centers and raise contribution requests.
  • Anganwadi workers upload the requirements for contributions and also manage and update the number of contributions received.

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