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Anganwadi Services Scheme (ICDS Scheme), sponsored by the Government of India, for children in the age group of 6 years from birth, To provide health and education-related services to pregnant and lactating mothers and adolescent girls India has a unique primary social welfare scheme.

The establishment of this scheme by the Government of India in the year was done in 1975. At present, for the implementation of this scheme, more than 1.8 lakhs Aanganwadi centers are being operated under 897 child development projects in 75 districts in Uttar Pradesh.

Supportive supervision refers to mentoring, coaching, and motivating subordinates to deliver better services and ensure their growth and development. An effective supportive supervision system for ICDS can aid in improving the quality of services provided by Anganwadi Workers (AWWs) leading to improved beneficiary experience, an increase in the uptake of services, and a strengthening of the overall system.

About the Application

Sahyog App has been developed under the aegis of the Directorate of ICDS, Uttar Pradesh for improving the coverage and quality of nutrition services to all eligible beneficiaries. Sahyog App is a simple, easy to use, paperless, mobile-based user-friendly App. This App has been designed to help the supervisory cadres (CDPO and Mukhya Sevika) of ICDS to perform various duties and make supportive supervision effective and easy. CDPO and Mukhya Sevika will be using the application extensively with OTP-based Log In facility.

The Application will have the following benefits:

• The App helps supervisors plan their visits and avoid conflicts with dates
• The App ensures that Supervisors are doing supportive supervision of all their supervises in a set periodic time frame
• The supervisors can access the list of all the supervisees under them through the app and schedule their interactions
• They can use a simple digital checklist to observe, assess and record information about the quality of services instead of cumbersome paperwork
• The checklists have provision for collecting information on the satisfaction of beneficiaries with the services, hence, act as an in-built feedback mechanism
• Supervisors can make data-driven decisions by identifying gaps in the quality of services
• Supervisors can use the data recorded in the App for conducting sector-level review meetings
• The performance dashboard will help supervisors understand where their supervisees need help and support and provide them with mentoring accordingly.

Various features of the Application:

1. Adding projects & sectors by CDPO – The app provides an opportunity to CDPO to add their projects and sectors along with the name and correct mobile number of Mukhya Sevika.

2. Adding AWWs by Mukhya Sevika – The app provides an opportunity for Mukhya Sevika to add their AWWs with the correct mobile number.

3. Monthly Planner – App has provisions for planning dates for joint visits with respective supervisees for various activities, reminders, and notifications.

4. Assigned Workers – The app has provisions for showing all the supervisees assigned to each supervisory cadre. It further helps to see the quality of services for each supervisee for their respective AWC/sector.

5. Inbuilt digital checklists – The app contains checklists to observe and rate the quality of service provision for supervising during home visits, CBE, VHSND, ECCE, etc contextualized to each supervisory cadre. These checklists have multiple-choice questions and closed-ended questions to record appropriate answers.

6. Debrief Sessions – App has an in-built mechanism to conduct Debrief Sessions. After the responses are recorded through the observation checklists, it helps to identify issues with the service quality and hold a structured debrief session with the concerned supervisee to resolve issues or escalate them. After every visit to AWC for different activities, supervisors have to conduct debrief sessions with the supervisee for providing feedback, identifying the issues, and resolving the issues.

7. Performance Dashboard – App will have two types of performance tabs in the Performance Dashboard that can be accessed by the supervisors:

✔ Supervisee performance tab (showing the performance of respective supervisees)
✔ Your performance tab (showing the respective supervisor’s performance)

8. Job Aids – The app is equipped with Job Aids that help to build the knowledge of supervisors as well as a supervisee.

9. Feedback Mechanism – The app provides an opportunity for the supervisees to provide feedback on supportive supervision visits of their supervisors.

10. Field visit tracker – The app provides an opportunity for Mukhya Sevika to submit the reasons why she doesn’t complete any planned visit of the previous month.

Sahyog App is a progressive step towards using simplified technologies to improve interactions between supervisory cadres and their subordinates, transform behavioral patterns and through this, improve the quality of services for the beneficiaries.

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